About Us


Auryn, takes its name and the symbol of intertwined snakes from the mystical talisman in the fantasy novel "The Neverending Story" by Michael Ende. According to owner Kotchakorn (Nell) Treesuwan, Auryn is a symbol of something inside us that we have to find out. It can mean different things to different people," she says.

At Auryn, the cuisine is Thai with a personal perspective. The Treesuwan family is third-generation Chinese who settled in Bangkok. Auryn's chef, Suvimon Treesuwan, is Nell's mother, and she comfortably mixes familiar and traditional Thai dishes and flavors with dishes of her own creation.

The Treesuwans, who previously ran Muang Thai near the Hilton Hotel in San Francisco's Union Square, received a high honor a few years ago when a diplomatic mission that included Thailand's royal princess selected their restaurant to host meals for their delegation and related events in the area. The princess, like in Ende's book, approves.

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